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Quest/Location Centered Deck (62 cards) by cryptoid7

[Alliance] [Tournament Quality]

Make alot of tokens with your quests

Deck link:
Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Emerald Lifewarden Boundless Life Something That Burns The Mighty U'cha The Mighty U'cha Emerald Tree Warder Boundless Life
Following draw order
Abyssal Seahorse Abyssal Seahorse Something That Burns Unleash Elements A Head Full of Wind A Head Full of Wind Unleash Elements Putting the Pieces Together Putting the Pieces Together Abyssal Seahorse Toshe Chaosrender Twilight Citadel A Head Full of Wind Breaking the Bonds The Mighty U'cha Stevrona Forgemender Sea Legs Boundless Life Toshe Chaosrender Emerald Tree Warder Boundless Life Alexstrasza the Life-Binder Emerald Lifewarden Sea Legs Wasteland Tallstrider A Head Full of Wind Something That Burns Alexstrasza the Life-Binder Sea Legs Seeds of Their Demise Putting the Pieces Together Sea Legs Unleash Elements Something That Burns Twilight Citadel