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Warrior Raid Tank (50 cards) by yondagoz

[Alliance] [Other]

Warrior Raid Tank

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Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Intercept Last Stand Shield Bash Draconian Deflector Parvink Shield Bash Antikron the Unyielding
Following draw order
Brother Rhone Shield Block Shield Slam Duty Bound Keys to the Armory Shield Block Parvink The Boon of Alexstrasza Keys to the Armory Shield Block Defensive Stance Defensive Stance Taunt Shield Slam Intercept Azure-Shield of Coldarra Boots of the Resilient Antikron the Unyielding Brother Rhone Duty Bound Spell Reflection Stoneform Hovin the Shield Wimbly Tinkerton Draconian Deflector Wimbly Tinkerton Riot Shield Duty Bound Hovin the Shield The Boon of Alexstrasza Draconian Deflector One Draenei's Junk… Shield Block Duty Bound The Boon of Alexstrasza