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Blood Elf Death Knight Deck (61 cards) by osh307

[Horde] [Casual Play]

My Blood Elf Death Knight Deck

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Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Solanian's Belongings Whitney Gravecaller Hazardous Materials Death Coil Icy Touch Astani Dawngrace Vanessa Fairgraves
Following draw order
Sylvanas, Lady of Undercity Unearthed Broadsword Vanessa Fairgraves Betrayer of Humanity Obliterate Sorga the Swift Raise Dead Unholy Presence Deathcharger Astani Dawngrace Icy Touch Scout Omerrta Hazardous Materials Death Coil Death Coil Bloody Grip Betrayal Scout Omerrta Scourgeborne Battlegear Eye of the Storm Sylvanas, Lady of Undercity Blood Plague Arctic Blast Drandus the Deathcaller Astani Dawngrace A Voice in the Dark Whitney Gravecaller Sorga the Swift Drandus the Deathcaller Scout Omerrta Vanessa Fairgraves The Rider of Frost Unearthed Broadsword Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver Death Coil