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fuck everything up (55 cards) by mikesbuilds

[Horde] [Theme-Based]

stall deck. eats up everything

Deck link:
Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Acid Hands McGillicutty Mana Agate Hur Shieldsmasher The Root of All Evil Silea Dawnwalker Touch of the Arcane Acid Hands McGillicutty
Following draw order
Ossandran, Crematorium Master Vexra Darkfall Zalan Ragewind Zalan Ragewind Your Fortune Awaits You Your Fortune Awaits You Metalmorph Spider Legs McGillicutty Polymorph Zalan Ragewind Blink Vexra Darkfall Magistrix Tibrana Slow The Blood is Life Polymorph The Blood is Life Acid Hands McGillicutty Magistrix Tibrana Nether Fracture The Blood is Life Tyrennius Scatheblade Mana Agate Fungus Face McGillicutty Abyss Walker's Boots Mana Ruby Polymorph Spider Legs McGillicutty Hur Shieldsmasher The Root of All Evil Fungus Face McGillicutty The Taste of Arcana Crystalfire Staff Nether Fracture Silea Dawnwalker