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death knight rogue pvp starter deluxe death knight (50 cards) by mikezama

[Horde] [Preconstructed]

horde DK from pvp death knight starter deluxe

Deck link:
Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Hazardous Materials Icy Touch Death Grip Raise Dead Darkness Calling Death Coil Blood Boil
Following draw order
Rantuko Grimtouch Rantuko Grimtouch Betrayal Grogmar Deathgore Plague Strike Death Coil Blood Strike Runed Soulblade Greatsword of the Ebon Blade Plague Strike Hazardous Materials Tal'zin Icy Touch Vanessa Fairgraves Blood Strike Frost Presence Greathelm of the Scourge Champion Grogmar Deathgore Tal'zin Betrayal Darkness Calling Vanessa Fairgraves Mind Freeze Mind Freeze Blood Boil