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Divine Challenger (84 cards) by DJMythos

[Alliance] [Raid]

Solo-din healing weapons master

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Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Obsidian Edged Blade Lay on Hands Greatsword of Forlorn Visions Glimmer of Hope Grace of the Lightbringer Obsidian Edged Blade Holy Shield
Following draw order
Divine Shield It's a Secret to Everybody To Serve Kum'isha Zapped Giants The Dying Balance Lay on Hands Paladin Training Avenger's Shield Blessing of Might Big Game Hunter Sacred Shield It's a Secret to Everybody Deathdealer Breastplate Girdle of Uther Sacred Shield Big Game Hunter Blessing of Might Concentration Aura Sunken Treasure Masons Fraternity Ring Masons Fraternity Ring Sunken Treasure Obsidian Edged Blade Obsidian Edged Blade Swiftsteel Bracers Doomplate Warhelm Big Game Hunter Blueleaf Tubers Boots of the Resilient Grace of the Lightbringer Divine Shield Paladin Training Hammer of Justice Glimmer of Hope Seal of the Crusader