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shaman (60 cards) by Gaffery

[Alliance] [Raid]

A basic resto shammy designed to raid heal and help abit with control.

Deck link:
Main Hand First DrawDraw New Hand
Echo Totem Earth's Bounty Essence of Mending Zapped Giants Greater Chain Heal Arathi Basin Cleanse Spirit
Following draw order
Winterstorm Totem Wavestorm Totem Earth's Bounty Apply This Twice a Day Totemic Recovery Squall Totem Wind Shear In Dreams Earth's Bounty Tidal Totem Zapped Giants Retribution of the Light Arathi Basin Mana Spring Totem Colossal Totem Greater Chain Heal Zapped Giants In Dreams Elemental Vision Totemic Recovery Mana Tide Totem Apply This Twice a Day Squall Totem Wavestorm Totem Cleanse Spirit Retribution of the Light Tidal Totem Cleanse Spirit Essence of Mending Wind Shear Apply This Twice a Day Cleanse Spirit In Dreams In Dreams Greater Chain Heal