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Belligerence Card Info

Type: Ability - Combat Faction: Neutral
Professions: N/A Talent Spec: Combat
Limit: N/A

Belligerence Card Restrictions

Class: Rogue

Belligerence Card Statistics

Cost: 2 Health: 0
Attack: 0 Attack Type: N/A
Strike Cost: 0 Defense: 0
Rules: Ongoing: You pay 2 less to strike with Melee weapons on your turn. Death Rattle (When this ability enters your graveyard from anywhere.): Reveal the top three cards of your deck. Put a revealed Melee weapon into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your deck.
Flavor: N/A
#: 78 / 270 Set Name: ScourgeWar
Rarity: U - ScourgeWar
Artist Info: N/A

 Card Legality

Not Legal in Core

Not Legal in Block

Legal in Classic

L: $0.35 M: $0.35 H: $0.75
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