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Drandus the Deathcaller

Drandus the Deathcaller Card Info

Type: Ally - Blood Elf Death Knight Faction: Horde
Professions: N/A Talent Spec: N/A
Limit: N/A

Drandus the Deathcaller Card Restrictions

Class: N/A

Drandus the Deathcaller Card Statistics

Cost: 2 Health: 2
Attack: 2 Attack Type: Shadow
Strike Cost: 0 Defense: 0
Rules: Protector. Ghouls you control have Assault 2.
Flavor: "Obey the word of your master, or I will return you to the grave myself."
#: 171 / 270 Set Name: ScourgeWar
Rarity: U - ScourgeWar
Artist Info: N/A

 Card Legality

Legal in Core

Not Legal in Block

Legal in Classic

L: $0.25 M: $0.25 H: $0.25
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