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Prince Xavalis

Prince Xavalis Card Info

Type: Monster Ally - Satyr Demon Rogue Faction: Neutral
Professions: N/A Talent Spec: N/A
Limit: Xavalis (1)

Prince Xavalis Card Restrictions

Class: N/A

Prince Xavalis Card Statistics

Cost: 3 Health: 3
Attack: 4 Attack Type: Shadow
Strike Cost: 0 Defense: 0
Rules: At the end of your turn, if an opposing hero has 15 or more damage on it, put a 1 [Shadow] / 1 [Health] Terror Fiend Demon Monster ally token into play with “When this ally deals combat damage to a hero, destroy that hero.”
Flavor: N/A
#: 147 / 195 Set Name: Crown of the Heavens
Rarity: E - Crown of the Heavens
Artist Info: N/A

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