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Near Solo Warrior (53 cards) by deadlyhammer

[Alliance] [Tournament Quality]

Most fun I've had with a deck in awhile. For whatever reason though, the database is missing Rock Furrow Boots (x3), and Triton Legplates (x3) and Floating Web (x2).

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Sideboard (0 cards)

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Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:7 (13.21%)
Ally:13 (24.53%)
Armor:14 (26.42%)
Hero:1 (1.89%)
Item:4 (7.55%)
Location:4 (7.55%)
Quest:4 (7.55%)
Weapon:6 (11.32%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :1 (7.69%)
1 Cost :2 (15.38%)
2 Cost :2 (15.38%)
3 Cost :3 (23.08%)
4 Cost :3 (23.08%)
5 Cost :1 (7.69%)
6 Cost :1 (7.69%)
7+ Cost :0 (0.00%)

Deck Comments (3 comments)

Why didnt you go for Truncheons and/or Smite's Reavers? How is Mekkatorque in solo decks?

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22 May 2012 by Lotys

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Title says 'Near Solo'. Mekkatorque brings back equipment lost to opponent destruction, or grabs that Mini Voodoo Mask in your opponent's graveyard. Shalug'doom is in there over the other options because it can be played easily first turn.
Turn 1: Stash Magni for a Dwarf token. Play Bottled Life for a Treant Token. Play Shalug'doom destroying the two tokens and the bottle. Swing for 3 first turn.

Great for defense against GC decks, great for pressuring mage ice barrier decks. Between hero flip, breastplate stash and bladestorm, ATK token add real quick on Shalug'doom for a zero cost to swing.

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23 May 2012 by deadlyhammer

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Some minor adjustments:
-3 Obsidian Enforcers
-1 Rock Furrow Boots
+2 Floating Web
+2 Troggbane

Enforcers were nice, but very situational. Finding that 3 is the perfect number of Rock Furrow Boots. The addition of Floating Web is awesome, especially when the two are cycled with Mekkatorque. The Troggbane's are in there just in case I get 'war-locked' again with Sardok.

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31 May 2012 by deadlyhammer

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