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WW3 Warrior Tank! (64 cards) by Spasm1!

[Alliance] [Raid]

This deck is set up to tank any raid your heart desires. Regular or modified raid. Small changes could be made here and their, but that would come down to personal preference. This deck WILL take you through the hardest of raids and impress all of your raid buddies. I have done my research and this deck is the best of the best. I will also be posting my friends Holy Priest deck that we made recently so look out for that! Stay thirsty my friends!

"So long as i stand, you shall not pass" - Warrax

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Not Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:24 (37.50%)
Ally:11 (17.19%)
Armor:16 (25.00%)
Hero:1 (1.56%)
Location:2 (3.13%)
Quest:10 (15.63%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :0 (0.00%)
1 Cost :3 (15.00%)
2 Cost :5 (25.00%)
3 Cost :9 (45.00%)
4 Cost :3 (15.00%)
5 Cost :0 (0.00%)
6 Cost :0 (0.00%)
7+ Cost :0 (0.00%)

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