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Ghouls Gone Wild (61 cards) by behemothdan

[Horde] [Fun]

Ghoulies. And token stuff.

Still being tweaked. Suggestions appreciated.

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Not Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:16 (26.23%)
Ally:24 (39.34%)
Armor Set:2 (3.28%)
Hero:1 (1.64%)
Location:3 (4.92%)
Quest:12 (19.67%)
Weapon:3 (4.92%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :0 (0.00%)
1 Cost :0 (0.00%)
2 Cost :3 (18.75%)
3 Cost :5 (31.25%)
4 Cost :1 (6.25%)
5 Cost :3 (18.75%)
6 Cost :1 (6.25%)
7+ Cost :3 (18.75%)

Deck Comments (4 comments)

One card my friend uses in his ghoul deck that works surprisingly well is Metzen. He's a one drop who gives your opponent 3 tokens, so drop that before army of the dead and you get four more ghouls. Dethvir also works nicely in this deck since he can survive an army.

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11 Apr 2010 by Coolguy99

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I have a couple Metzen's and the only reason I am not including some fun effective cards like that is because Winterveil isn't legal for the upcoming nationals so I had to leave it out.

I will look into Dethvir.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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12 Apr 2010 by behemothdan


Seen lots of success with low casting cost DKs like Rantuko Grimtouch to flood the field, then blowing them all up with AotD or Mograine. Galvanize just makes the game unfair after a good AotD.

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19 Apr 2010 by ODUsurfer

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Oh yeah, forgot to add Galvanize. I actually have it in the real deck, forgot to update the list. Thanks for the reminder.

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19 Apr 2010 by behemothdan


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