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Firelands Rush Shammy (Block) (61 cards) by seemehaha

[Alliance] [Tournament Quality]

This is an Alliance fire-rush deck. The Firelands is used as a way to make additional tokens if necessary and the grind mechanic is a bonus. Blackout is for resource control, and though there are no black dragonkin in the deck, paying 2 to flip 1 resource is cheaper than the Witching Hill quest (which is a 4 cost). Earthen Blast is used for the 2 damage stash ability, and Shadowseer Calista is used as a stash to bounce Vakus back to your hand to attack twice in one turn. Stevrona pumps up all tokens and can make a good turn 3 followed by a turn 4 Blazing Elemental Totem. The key to this deck is the Spiritual Returns which make bringing back a Vakus or a Totem very easy for a low cost. Primal Strike is a cheap pump. While there is no real draw power, the opponent should be dead fast and if they aren't drawing is the least of your worries.

I was thinking of switching out the Favors with Earthen Embrace. Embrace is instant and can be saved to protect a creature for one more turn if it would be killed by multiple damage sources (after first non-lethal damage, add to stack to heal, then second damage would no longer be lethal).

Would love to hear suggestions!

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Estimated Deck Value (Experimental)

Low: $26.21 Mid: $40.90 High: $87.06 [Breakdown]

Sideboard (0 cards)

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Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:28 (45.90%)
Ally:24 (39.34%)
Hero:1 (1.64%)
Location:4 (6.56%)
Quest:4 (6.56%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :0 (0.00%)
1 Cost :2 (14.29%)
2 Cost :5 (35.71%)
3 Cost :3 (21.43%)
4 Cost :1 (7.14%)
5 Cost :3 (21.43%)
6 Cost :0 (0.00%)
7+ Cost :0 (0.00%)

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