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All dies in front of the Legion! (71 cards) by killerking

[Neutral] [Tournament Quality]

Obliveron turbo-aggro for Tournaments!
You will be surprised in how evil is this deck!

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Main Deck (61 cards)Draw sample hand

Estimated Deck Value (Experimental)

Low: $13.26 Mid: $22.51 High: $37.15 [Breakdown]

Sideboard (10 cards)


Not Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:16 (26.23%)
Ally:30 (49.18%)
Hero:1 (1.64%)
Quest:14 (22.95%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :0 (0.00%)
1 Cost :6 (42.86%)
2 Cost :3 (21.43%)
3 Cost :4 (28.57%)
4 Cost :1 (7.14%)
5 Cost :0 (0.00%)
6 Cost :0 (0.00%)
7+ Cost :0 (0.00%)

Deck Comments (3 comments)

This is nice powered deck, I know all about Obliveron power, so what you think of my demon deck..?.I use this hero for real in classic play with friends..I wonder why demons don`t have any race skill like shadowmeld or dyplomacy, this is not fair, there is need also to create a demonic weapon etc, look for traitor skill like bloodbath, Obliveron must have a weapon. Other heros just steal the skills from legion. See the Manaburn> felhunter demon skill and Abberation of worgen> this is Infernal passive skill, and rain of fire, I can tell more...If demons will get more cards, they become much stronger, and another thing, pets like Logue for hunter are too strong, little kitty vs great infernal, this is stinks! Demons are the most evil and vicious race in game, but in tcg they`re only weaklings like tokens. If anybody wants to comment....I will response....xd

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27 Oct 2011 by kamicollo

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I've seen your deck and it reminds me the first versions of my obliveron deck. Through years I've modified it a lot of time to finally become the version I've posted here. If you want to use Obliveron in tournaments give my version a try!

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27 Oct 2011 by killerking

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Yes I see the thing in your deck, but I wanna to play with fast rush, so I can draw many demons with only 1 mana cost, also the totem will control the field with arcing smash and suddendeath, your deck is powerless vs untargetable heros and priest with discard/heal strategy, hesriana is good:d but to costy, and I can support my army with 4x Twisted Infernal, other things are the same>low cost demons

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31 Oct 2011 by kamicollo

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