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The Bunny Deck (60 cards) by Asgardi

[Horde] [Fun]

Brutal fun deck...

The premise of the deck is relatively simple: Get Unending Breath and a mount into play and cycle through the deck as much as possible to reveal Krazal the Eggregator as many times as possible. Since Unending Breath reveals the next card once the effect of the previous card goes on the chain, it is possible to complete multiple Quests and have their effects on the chain awaiting resolution. On a standard draw, you may have 5-10 Quests on the chain, but we've probably chained upwards of 15 Quests at times.

Without any type of tracking or notation, you can generally get 10-20 Spring Rabbit tokens into play. However, we found that tracking and arranging the cards that you put on the bottom of your deck allow you to reveal Krazal the Eggregator more effectively. Krazal the Eggregator's effect triggers when he is revealed via Unending Breath's effect; and again when he is subsequently revealed with a Quest effect. So, you want to arrange your cards to try to reveal Krazal the Eggregator with Unending Breath as much as possible. Additionally, tracking your cards allows you to pick up your other cards a lot more effectively; and avoid the potential disaster of hitting Alexstrasza, The Life Binder with Dr. Boom!.

Tracking can be a time consuming process, so we've kept our references to one letter to save time. We also used graph paper to keep straight how many cards are revealed in certain situations. Most of the reveal quests show 3 cards at a time, but A Hero's Burden and Uncatalogued Species show 4; and Mystery Goo shows 5. Basically, the graph paper just helps to keep everything organized neatly. I generally wrote the order of the cards in a column. Once you go through the deck the first time, you can figure out when each Quest on the chain and in the deck will hit; and you can keep track of the order of Quests after that so as to best organize your cards. When necessary, you can intervene with Quests from the row. I like to move over to the next column once I have gone through the deck once.

On a side note, we've probably combo’d out at the end of an opponent's turn a little over half the time. However, it is highly conditional on what deck we played against and how they responded to the in-play cards. Against the disruptive decks like Mage, Shaman, and Rogue, we basically decided that it's best to combo out whenever you get a legitimate opening to do so. Also, we determined that 12 tokens is the magic number for a turn three combo. 12 tokens represent 41 points of damage on turn four: 12 for the base attack, 12 for the Assault 1 from a Tol'zin Stash, 12 for the flip, and 5 points from Alexstrasza's attack (in response to playing Alexstrasza, while she's still on the chain, you can flip Turane to destroy the tokens). Generally, we got far more than 12 tokens, but it's important from the perspective of how many copies of Krazal are in the the deck. With the full 4 copies, a turn three combo will net around 30-40 tokens. 3 copies nets around 20-30; and 2 copies is usually about 10-20 tokens. We never tried to combo out with only one Krazal in the deck, but I can only imagine that it's very difficult to do.

There is also the choice of what quests you will place in your row or how to best order your cards during the first draw through the deck. Here are some ideas that will not only increase token output, but make tracking a bit easier.

First, regarding the resource row, there is a basic hierarchy for placing resources: 1) Under the Shadow, 2) For Great Honor, 3) The Fel and the Furious, 4) Dr. Boom, 5) Capture a Mine, 6) Everything else. The idea is that you want quests in your row that can grab the greatest variety of cards. Under the Shadow is the best because it can grab any of your mounts or your win conditions (Alexstrasza or Tol’zin) while still revealing multiple cards. For Great Honor can’t get mounts, but still gets win conditions and reveals cards. Fel and the Furious can obviously net you any card, but doesn’t reveal additional cards (rendering it effectively useless if Krazal is revealed). Dr. Boom! is slightly less useful than Fel and the Furious since you don’t want to Boom an Alexstrasza into your hand. Capture a Mine has very limited utility, but can still get extra copies of Mystery Goo and A Rare Bean out of the way. After that, the quests are extremely limited in their benefit to the combo.

Second, on the subject of ordering cards for the first draw through, there are some basic ideas on the matter, but nothing conclusive. Testing revealed a scenario that occurred constantly which was named, “A Series of Four.” It means that if you can set up four completable quests in a row (i.e. not A Rare Bean or Mystery Goo), then you can rely on the fact that the last quest in that series will be completed. This is a pretty simple notion – since you won’t ever reveal more than four cards at once (assuming that you aren’t completing Mystery Goo when you combo out), then you will always land somewhere within that series of four quests.

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Not Legal in Core
Not Legal in Block
Legal in Classic

Type Breakdown

Ability:4 (6.67%)
Ally:15 (25.00%)
Hero:1 (1.67%)
Quest:40 (66.67%)

Mana Curve

0 / X Cost :0 (0.00%)
1 Cost :0 (0.00%)
2 Cost :5 (83.33%)
3 Cost :1 (16.67%)
4 Cost :0 (0.00%)
5 Cost :0 (0.00%)
6 Cost :0 (0.00%)
7+ Cost :0 (0.00%)

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