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Demon Overkill (61 cards) by Whatson

[Alliance] [Tournament Quality]

This deck can be a nightmare to deal with after a few turns of set up.
Fel Blaze, Favor and Vylokx to clear the board.
Bottle Void to heal damage from life tap, fel blaze and vylokx.
Vylokx, heros flip and embrace to buff up allies (Prince's token can have 4/4 with my hero flipped and vylokx in play!!!)
Sarmoth to make it easier for my allies to sweep.
Master's embrace to pump up pets (I use Trista for searching, so usually I go for +4/+4)
Sardok for cheap protection and pressure.
Jhuunash and prince to end the game quickly
MVM for ability removal which warlocks lack

Running out of space, in summary, buff up your allies and watch the opponents hero get pounded to submission!

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Main Deck (61 cards)

Hero (1) Low Mid High
1x Victor Baltus $0.99$1.00$1.00
Ability (18) Low Mid High
4x Master's Embrace N/AN/AN/A
3x Banish Soul N/AN/AN/A
4x Life Tap $0.80$1.00$6.40
4x Fel Blaze $0.56$3.00$3.00
3x Demonic Corruption $1.77$2.31$3.00
Ally (26) Low Mid High
4x Jadefire Scout N/AN/AN/A
4x Jadefire Hellcaller N/AN/AN/A
3x Vylokx N/AN/AN/A
3x Prince Xavalis N/AN/AN/A
3x Sarmoth $0.72$0.75$1.05
2x Jhuunash $1.30$3.24$4.00
4x Sardok $0.96$2.40$2.40
3x Trista, Herald of the Fel $1.08$1.32$2.25
Item (8) Low Mid High
4x Miniature Voodoo Mask N/AN/AN/A
4x Bottled Void $0.96$2.48$4.00
Quest (8) Low Mid High
4x What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets… N/AN/AN/A
4x If You're Not Against Us N/AN/AN/A


Sideboard (0 cards)

No cards in sideboard.